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2030 Is Only Six Years Away … Will Dentistry Be Much Different?

2030 Is Only Six Years Away … Will Dentistry Be Much Different In Sunbury At Dental Couture
Six isn’t such a big number. It’s a fraction past half way, in the decimal system. In binary it’s 110 – which seems much bigger but it’s not: it’s still 6; as it is in the octal numeral system.

Its hex number is 0110 and not 666, as it turns out. Evocative, is what this three-number combo is. It can be dark, it can be amusing; it can be coincidental. Apparently Ronald Reagan didn’t like it, and for those that didn’t like him it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Yet for Chinese gamers, it’s a homophone string that’s used to show respect for highly skilled plays.

You can drive yourself crazy assigning credence to something that essentially means nothing at all.

As humans we do it all the time. It’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of being .. well, human.

We used to just have things. Now we have the Internet of Things (IoT), which sounds a little Dr Seuss, a little Pythonesque and maybe a lot HAL.

It’s the billions of physical devices, across the consumer, industrial, healthcare and government sectors across the world, embedded with sensors and actuators that communicate with networks for digital monitoring, and digital control.

There’s the HAL part. A constant connectivity that can be put to any use; it doesn’t just scrutinise objects and machines. It can be energy, nature, animals and people.

For smart smart technology, and for it not sting, it requires a multiplicity of intelligent approaches.

By 2030, who knows how all that will have shaped up.

It carries the idea that a response, were HAL to be around, will be: I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.

Dentistry has thought it over.

Already dental technologies are using advanced sensors that can detect the early signs of tooth decay, and gum disease. When clinicians can access detailed, real-time images of inflammation or oral discomfort, these issues can be addressed in a way that avoids or minimises later, more invasive remedial procedures.

There’s an AI platform that uses an algorithm on a dataset of hundreds of millions of data points. That’s approximately the number of X-rays viewed by every living dentist over their entire professional life, multiplied by fifty.

Its real-world results, it has is a 31% higher tooth decay detection rate than human observation. It recommends personalised treatments based on diagnostic deep learning,

Powered by IoT, VR therapy headsets alleviate dental anxiety. Virtual reality has patients be psychologically transported to a calming and soothing environment while they’re in the dental chair.

Companies are developing connected toothbrushes, with an attachment to make any brush a sonic smart brush. Tracking brushing habits and oral hygiene techniques gives useful information on into what may need to be changed or included.

It’s a dentist in your pocket. Only it’s in your mouth and it’s not a dental pocket.

There are smart mouthguards that will no doubt never be marketed as ‘smart mouth’. At least until 2030 when they’ll be so commonplace that like many, many products, the seriousness will be chewed out. Along with players, when the coach gets to see every move they make. These devices not only protect teeth during contact sports, physiology and biometrics are tracked, heart rate is monitored, and impact sites are recorded.

Only six years ago, they weren’t around.

Of the six basic reasons for dental implants to not always live up to expectation, or to completely fail, periodontal disease and gum inflammation make the list.

Using two technologies, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are developing smart dental implants that resist bacteria.

Nanoparticle-infused biofilm makes bacteria growth impossible. Power generated from the motions of chewing and brushing has an embedded light perform phototherapy, which ensures the periodontal health of surrounding tissue.

It’s another dentist in your pocket. Only this one’s in the back pocket of your dental pocket watching its back.

The advances in dental science, dental care and IoT technology is already enhancing preventative care and personalising treatments. Teledentistry and remote monitoring are of benefit many patients, with the advice and guided intervention provided without frequent in-person visits. There is also current dental technology to motivate and encourage patients through the gamification of healthy dental care habits.

2030 Is Only Six Years Away … Will Dentistry Be Much Different At Sunbury In Dental Couture
Will Artificial Intelligence Stretch The Next Six Years?

We live in the Information Age. To try to predict or imagine all of the advancements in all of the world, won’t amount to a hill o’ beans. Everything influences everything else; everything changes. And we’ve had techno dead dreams before: hoverboards, VR movies, Galaxy Fold, Apple Maps, the concept of privacy.

It’s hard to know how long six years is in AI dentistry time. Could be, like, 110 people years.

There will be progress and development in emerging technologies – we know that. It will be patient-oriented, because that’s the direction it’s already facing. It will continue to streamline processes and procedures because we like that.

Exactly where dentistry will be in 2030 and how painless, simplified or less expensive treatments and options will be, won’t matter if you’re still not making those bi-annual oral health check-ups with your dentist.

Do that. Take care of your dental wellbeing. Have a diligent attitude. Access the professional know-how it takes to maintain a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Schedule that appointment.

Until then, wondering what cutting edge breakthroughs will be available in the future, may just be driving yourself nuts assigning credence to something that essentially may mean little at all.

Will dentistry be different? As Yoda might say, “in good ways, we hope”.

Disclaimer: The material posted is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Results vary with each patient. Any dental procedure carries risks and benefits. If you have any specific questions about any dental and/or medical matter, you should consult your dentist, physician or other professional healthcare providers.



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